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Legionella Testing & Risk Assessments

All employers , building owners and building managers are legally required to ensure their hot and cold water systems are safe to use and do not present a risk to employees, the general public and the wholesomeness of the water supply. This requirement extends from hot and cold water generation, distribution and point of use as well as any water systems employed in processes.

B&P Buswell as your appointed specialist service provider can help you navigate through the myriad and differing, and sometimes contradictory, water regulations and ACOP guidance notes in order to ensure you are meeting your obligations.

The services we offer

Risk assessments – we are able to offer a professional risk assessment on your water systems by completing a site survey. The survey will highlight areas that present a risk of Legionella proliferation, departure from water regulations, areas that may cause contamination of the water supply, and risks to end users through high temperatures or system failures. We can work with you to develop internal systems and procedures to reduce the risks and advise on what alterations need to be completed to comply with the regulations.

Legionalla water testing – we are able to provide periodic water testing to establish the levels of the Legionella bacteria complete with certified results through approved laboratories

Maintenance – we can offer full maintenance programs to suit your needs, from annual chlorination’s through to weekly and monthly site inspections and temperature checks in order to comply with HSE ACOP L8

Cost analysis – the cost of water is continuously rising, we can offer proposals and systems designed to reduced water consumption and wastage and tailor these to your needs. In addition we can advise you on systems that can store, heat and distribute water through your systems safely and efficiently.