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Biogas services

Biogas is produced, as a by-product, when farm wastes (such as slurry or energy crops), sewage or food waste is subjected to anaerobic digestion. When this process is carried out in an air-tight tank, Biogas which contains a mixture of gases including methane is produced. This methane is in effect a renewable energy than can be used for heating, electricity and many other operations that use any variation of an internal combustion engine.

Over the last 6 years B&P Buswell have invested heavily in this field so that their designers and engineers are fully experienced in the design, installation and maintenance on all aspects of biogas production and utilisation.

We are partners and an approved installer of Utile Engineering’s Biogas Mixing and Boosting equipment. “Utile is a traditional British manufacturing company established over 90 years ago, and has built up an enviable reputation for producing quality compressors, boosters, pumps and blowers; not to mention an exceptional level of customer service”

If you have an existing Biogas installation and are interested in the services that we can offer, or are interested in the design of a new installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.